Our Evolution

OrphanAid Africa initially developed programs under the name “Orphanage Africa” with the purpose to help make children’s homes happier healthier places for children to grow up in with the end goal of making them self-sufficient. We implemented projects that focused on improving education, healthcare, basic infrastructure and farming.

Over time however, we drastically extended our approach programs that build stronger families and communities. We felt that by helping families and strengthening the community, we ensured that they could care and provide for their children resulting in less abandoned or orphaned children.

In parallel we developed an ecologically built and powered children’s home integrated into a rural community, specializing in temporary care for babies and children with acute health problems, HIV/AIDS, or young adults rejected by other children’s homes. Our home has received an award for its ecological design and has been called a model for institutional care in West Africa.

In 2006 OA adopted a new policy, inline with the guidelines of UNICEF, the UN and the Government of Ghana, to avoid institutional care for orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) whenever possible. Under the motto “Every child deserves a family” we decided to place our emphasis and resources on community and family care and on the reinforcement of civil society in order to encourage the preservation of family ties.

Starting in 2007, we are collaborating with the Department of Social Welfare and UNICEF to implement the 5 year long Care Reform Initiative, which will change the way OVC are cared for across Ghana.  As a reflection of our policy change, which is all about encouraging family-based care, in 2007 Orphanage Africa’s name changed to OrphanAid Africa.

In addition to our headquarters in Ghana, OA operates and builds awareness in the USA and Europe with branches registered in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and the United States, all sharing the similar goal of developing fundraising programs that will help fund our OVC care initiatives in Ghana.