What We Do

Our Actions to Transform Care Systems

A part of OAfrica’s work plan in the area of Care Reform in Ghana, in close partnership with DSW, UNICEF and other organizations, consists of the following projects among many others:

Communication Projects:
• Creation of a website for the Care Reform Initiative
• Creation a website for the Ghanaian Department of Social Welfare
• Press, radio, television and collaboration with National Commission on Civic Education to increase public awareness of the problem with institutional care and rather encourage family care

Committees & Groups:
• Sponsorship and participation in the Government of Ghana Technical OVC Steering Committee
• Sponsorship and participation in the Government of Ghana Positive Upbringing Committee
• Creation of a child-led support group for children survivors of institutional care

Workshops & Training:

• Workshop for media professionals on the use of the proper terminology, the problem of institutional care, and encouraging family care.
• Supporting and training for young adults over 18 years old who are at present institutionalized in order to access independent living.
• Sponsoring training for career change for owners of institutions.
• Training all persons on the foster Parent register in Child Rights and Care.
• Training social workers and District Authority Focus Personnel on care reform
• Training NGO, Religious groups and other opinion leaders on care reform
• Running workshop for possible donor partners

Publications & Handbooks:
• Production of new Standards for Residential Care Handbook
• Production of a new Regulations for Foster Care Handbook
• Production of a new Regulations for Adoption Handbook
• Writing a holistic curriculum for caregivers and production of DVD and television show of 120 episodes on Positive Parenting

Census, Research, and Information Compiling:
• Finalization of Census of Children’s Homes Database: official communication to Department of Social Welfare of status of institutionalized children in Ghana with their names and whereabouts and other results of the Census
• Production of a database on Fit Persons for Fostering

For more information on care reform in Ghana see www.ovcghana.org