Who We Are

Our Mission

OAfrica empowers children and young adults in need of care and protection because of institutionalization, abandonment, neglect, disability or abuse to become productive members of the community. We accomplish this by strengthening families and reintegrating separated children whose rights have been compromised due to poverty, violence, trafficking, disease and discrimination into safe, stable and loving households.

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OAfrica is a non-profit organization developing programs and projects to help vulnerable children and their families in Ghana, West Africa.

The organization was originally founded as a local NGO in Ghana in 2002 and progressively grew internationally with registered branches in the United States where it is a 501 c3 non-profit, as well as France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK. The common goal of these branches is to rescue vulnerable children in need of care and to trace and reunify children with their families. These children are often separated from their families by poverty, the HIV/AIDs epidemic and the increase of rural–to-urban migration.

OAfrica depends on the generous donations of individuals and businesses, as well as volunteers and partners, to help us carry out our work.

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