What We Do

Young Adult Support Services

As children in care grow up, their level of vulnerability does not diminish enough to allow for stability and productivity into adulthood. Instead, they become vulnerable young adults with limited opportunities for success for their education and vocational futures. Compared to other young adults, youth in care are more likely to be homeless, incarcerated, unemployed and unskilled. When youth do not have parents or extended family to depend on, often they become a permanent addition to the ongoing cycle of poverty and, according to the NGA Center for Best Practices, they are also more likely to experience physical, developmental, behavioral and mental health challenges.

OAfrica addresses this important issue through its Young Adult Support Services (YASS) program to provide the following support for vulnerable young adults: financial support to cover school fees and school needs, health and psychological support, transport and housing support, career counseling and placement, and life skills training.Young adults are supported to find their passion and follow their dreams in order to become healthy and productive adults who contribute to society and raise strong families in Ghana.