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Can we raise money for OA?

We welcome volunteer fundraisers who propose an idea (usually an event) to help raise funds for OA…send us your idea and answer the questions below ! It must fall in lines with our ideology, and not contradict our mission, or tarnish our image in any way – We don’t allow street fundraising, alcohol or tobacco related or personalized child-sponsoring fundraising.

  • What other entities or organizations will be involved in the initiative?
  • What type of publicity will OA receive?
  • How much of OA’s participation (time and €) will be needed for the activity?
  • Will OA employees or representatives be expected to attend the event?
  • Do we need to supply materials (banners, brochures, leaflets, etc)?
  • How much help will you need organizing or raising these funds?
  • A volunteer-run event/fundraising initiative must stay volunteer-run!
  • How much are the possible proceeds? How much is entry to the event? If it’s a sale, what percentage % of sales goes to OA?

Can we donate books, toys, etc?

The following questions need to be answered so that the donation does not constitute dumping.

  • What are the items that you wish to donate?
  • Can these items be purchased in Ghana? OA’s policy is to contribute to the local economy whenever possible. In many cases, the funds used to ship items would pay to buy these items in a local market. We suggest you donate the items to a local organization in your country, and donate the shipment money to OA, so we can buy them in Ghana.
  • How useful are these items in our work?
  • How will these items be shipped to Ghana? We can not pay for shipment ourselves yet can further discuss if you are willing to cover this cost.
  • OA cannot justify using another donor’s money to ship donations from you to Ghana.

Can we donate for a specific project in Ghana?

Yes, a company or individual can make a donation for a specific project.

  • These initiatives tend to be large-scale initiatives, with amounts over 2,000 euros.
  • Otherwise, a good small-scale personalized project would be funding a Young Adults Programme (YASS) project (between 100 – 1,000 euros).
  • For more information please contact

What do we do with small donations we receive?

Smaller donations (15€ – 1,000€) are used to help us run OAfrica, pay our social workers, pay medical costs, etc.

Here are some examples of what donation amounts represent in Ghana:

With 15€ you can…

  • Help a single mother feed her child.

With 45€ you can…

  • Support a young adult get on their feet and start their own business by paying for a month of independent living assistance.

With 100€ you can…

  • Treat 300 cases of Malaria, one of the most devastating illnesses, killing 3000 children daily in Africa.
  • Begin to train a foster mother who will then take care of five children in a foster home.

With 250€ you can…

  • Purchase enough food to feed all of the children in a foster home for one month.

With 600€ you can…

  • Finance the transportation of the children to school, the hospital and the mothers to the market for one month.

With 700€ you can…

  • Pay for a term at college for a young adult

How do we help OA aside from donating?

  • Translations.
  • Do an internship at one of our fundraising offices.
  • Volunteer your skills (graphic design, web design, event organization, legal advice, administration, research, and accounting).
  • Give OAfrica important contacts you may have of people who may want to sponsor a project.
  • Spread the word about OAfrica to your friends and family!
  • Help get more monthly donors for OA.