Who We Are

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy, in line with UNICEF guidelines, is to avoid institutional care whenever possible. We believe that the family is the structure most suitable for providing care for children. International research has proven that consigning children to orphanages for long term care can be detrimental to their development and does not respect a child’s basic rights.

OAfrica is committed to ensuring that children grow up in safe, permanent family settings with appropriate care and protection with equal rights and opportunities. We accomplish this by focusing on:

OAfrica supports stricter regulations of orphanages and children’s homes in hopes that these types of institutions will be closed down or used only as a last resort and, even then, only serve as a temporary placement for children in transition.

OAfrica is a strong advocate for families. Knowing that 80 percent of children in orphanages have living family members, our specially trained social workers trace the families of abandoned children and reunify them. We then continue to provide services based on the specific needs of each child and family.

OAfrica supports extensive skills training for social workers to promote tracing, reunification and deinstitutionalization so orphans and vulnerable children that have been inappropriately placed in orphanages can live in family-based care. We also provide training for parents and foster care providers in order to ensure that children receive appropriate care and protection within the home.