What We Do

Family Support Services

Children who are deemed orphans are too quickly placed in institutions without exploring alternative care options. Many children are placed in institutions by their own families due to a lack of resources in hopes that they will receive adequate nutrition, clothing and education. In reality, however, these institutions are detrimental to the physical, emotional and intellectual development of the children.
OAfrica’s Family Support Services (FSS) program is the main initiative implemented to keep children out of orphanages and in their own families. Specially trained social workers locate families to assess whether or not the child can be reunited within them, and then an individualized care plan is developed to ensure the child receives the necessary care and support to be healthy and happy within their own home. Ongoing assessments by the assigned social worker helps to maintain the quality of care for the children. Through the FSS program, families can stay together and thrive.
Support provided to families includes: