Who We Are

Our Partners

OAfrica is proud to be a funding partner of the Care Reform Initiative (CRI) of the Government of Ghana, aiming to transform the sector by closing “orphanages” and promoting kinship and foster care. This directly affects the estimated 3,500 children living in orphanages throughout Ghana. One of our biggest successes to date is our public/private partnership with Government as defined in the National Plan of Action for Orphans and Vulnerable Children, ratified in 2010 by the Ministry of Employment and Social Welfare.

OAfrica has succeeded in establishing very strong relationships with international organizations both within and outside Ghana. Some of our most important relationships have included partnerships with the following organizations:

Department of Social Welfare Ghana  
We are a collaborating partner with the DSW, alongside UNICEF, under the CRI. We sit on the Better Care for Children Committee of the Government of Ghana.

OAfrica is one of UNICEF’s collaborating partners in Ghana. In 2008 UNICEF started working side-by-side with the Department of Social Welfare and OAfrica to develop the Care Reform Initiative (CRI) over a five-year time frame, which seeks to transform the way that orphans and vulnerable children are cared for in Ghana.

Ghana AIDS Commission
The Ghana AIDS Commission supports our efforts in HIV advocacy and maternal health.

Ministry of Education, Ghana
We collaborate with the Ministry of Education in Ghana through construction and/or rehabilitation of school buildings and awarding of scholarships to orphaned and needy children.

Ministry of Health, Ghana
The Ministry of Health has supported OAfrica’s efforts through payments for medical services at hospitals, health centers and other medical facilities, as well as National Health Insurance for women and needy children.

National Steering Committees, Ghana
OAfrica has representation on two government steering committees: The Committee for the National Plan of Action on Children Affected by Aids at the Ministry of Manpower, Youth and Employment; and the Steering Committee for the CRI.

OICI (USAID), Ghana (2004)
OAfrica and OICI have collaborated through a feeding program, where food rations are distributed to orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) and people living with HIV AIDS.