What We Do

Foster Family Care

For children who cannot be placed within their own families, OAfrica has established the Foster Family Care (FFC) program. In these cases, a child may not have living family members who can care for them or the child has been abused or mistreated in the home. Several of these children have been abandoned due to the fact that they have special needs and the family is unable or unwilling to provide long-term care. For these children a safe, stable and loving environment is essential to their well-being as steps are taken to find more permanent care. Children are placed in foster care with a specially trained foster mother who provides for their daily physical needs and, most importantly, offers love and encouragement that is essential for children who have often experienced instability, neglect or even abuse when they arrive.

One FFC home is specifically for children with severe special needs, including cerebral palsy, autism, psychosis and other disabilities. Children who are a part of this family attend a specialized school and receive rehabilitation services daily. OAfrica works hard to ensure that each foster family care placement will provide the essential love and support that these children need in order to thrive.